Thursday, June 24, 2010

...before the Colorado Team Arrives!

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Sam Walker is currently the Liberian on-site manager for PROJECT BUCHANAN. In recent weeks he has been able to scan a few printed photos and send the scans to me as low-resolution email attachments:

Here Sam is standing with a few Pillar students next to the concrete blocks that have been made for the PROJECT BUCHANAN buildings.

The first building to be constructed is a staff residence which will also serve for storage of building materials and for property security. Here the exterior walls of this 30-ft X 50-ft building were being staked out.

Then trenches were dug (using only hand tools such as picks and shovels) so that the concrete footings could be poured.

Project managers Sam Walker and Jacob Tequah (upper right), along with PROJECT BUCHANAN workers, stopped work for a picture.

Several tiers of concrete blocks were to be laid on the footings, in order to bring the new walls up to floor level. Then a reinforced concrete floor slab was to be poured. After that we are hoping that the building team from Colorado can finish the walls and construct the roof.

Flomo has been directing most of the masonry work.

Here Sam is standing in one of the footing trenches that has already been dug for the second building soon to be constructed: a 100-ft X 30-ft two-story 7-classroom unit.

The building team from Colorado should arrive in Buchanan on July 14. Sam is making arrangements for the team members to stay at this relatively comfortable "rooming house".

Unlike most other homes in Buchanan, this guest house has modern bathroom facilities, as well as electricity for most of the night.

FOOTNOTE:  I am taking Sam a new Coolpix digital camera (folks at Nikon, please take note!).  Hopefully, as PROJECT BUCHANAN moves forward, the progress can be documented in high-quality photographs which you can enjoy.

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  1. Oh, I can't believe this is all happening. Im reading your blog and looking at your pictures and tearing up. What a long road it has been indeed!!!!!!!!!!

    Ill be keeping you in my thoughts
    Katie Daniels