Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lab Equipment and Science Seminars!

Last week I was in New Jersey for the annual Pillar Church "camp meeting". I was appearing with the New Grace Quartet, a Colorado-based gospel music group that has been involved in prison ministry in Colorado for many years, and this spring had been invited to provide music at the four-day camp meeting. I also had several opportunities to speak to the conference about PROJECT BUCHANAN and our soon-to-happen summer trip to Liberia. (Paula and I leave in less than a week!)
As planned, our priority for this 5-week trip is a careful on-site study of the new land in Buchanan, where a new school campus is to be developed. We want to sit down with our Liberian friends and finalize a phase-by-phase plan for building and construction over the next few years. In future posts to this blog, I will be sharing the details of this development plan with you.

But this is the middle of the wet season in Liberia, and there are likely to be days with nonstop heavy rain when we will not be able to get out. July and August are also Liberia's "summer break" between school years. Therefore I am also going on this trip prepared to conduct lab-based seminars with the science teacher(s) and any interested students at the school. I am taking two microscopes as well as lab apparatus to conduct basic demonstrations in physics. Hopefully the students (who don't even have textbooks) will benefit from these sessions and the teachers will be able to use the microscopes and lab equipment in their science classes next year!

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